The future of the automotive industry is in the hands of marketing and technology leaders

Giles Graham, Xaxis, Global Strategy Director, Automotive, The Outcome Media Company

Artificial intelligence will soon be ubiquitous, just like electricity a hundred years ago. Every part of the automotive value chain, from production to aftermarket, is undergoing a transformation. At the same time, the relationship between the brand and the customer is completely changing.

British Giles Graham, Xaxis, The Outcome Media Company in the automotive sector, global strategy director, was previously responsible for, among other things, Jaguar Land Rover’s marketing strategy. He knows that customer experience is of enormous importance. There are hundreds of encounters on digital channels before buying a car. As such, the brand story and service must speak to the customer correctly.

“Customized customer experience is created through artificial intelligence and machine learning as they are capable of handling huge amounts of customer data. It’s not human”, Graham says.

In addition to digital channels, car dealerships must also meet new customer expectations. In addition to the buyer, it is important to consider, for example, the touch of family members with the brand. “Car dealerships need to become centers of brand experience, service and interaction, building a strong customer relationship.”“Success in building a customer experience is key to the European market,” says Graham.

“Feel free to try, break the silos and connect data”

Every major car manufacturer is currently investing in mobile platforms and electrifying its portfolio.

Investing in technology is challenging because no one knows which technology will be the winner in the future. However, choosing the right technologies to improve the customer experience is the key to the game, Graham says.

That’s why Graham encourages the automotive marketing industry to try and learn, “You have to be brave. Now is the time to break down the silos, overcome the internal barriers of the companies, and combine knowledge. ”

Driving sales eats up the budget of a brand story

The European market is currently growing slowly, and Graham expects a significant portion of the automotive marketing budget to be used to boost sales. “This means less brand marketing resources. It makes it harder to attract new customers over time. ”

Brands must have a clear purpose. People want to see deeds, not just speech.

Graham notes that measures to combat climate change are also playing an increasingly important role in the industry. The brand must be able to demonstrate that it is meeting consumers’ rising environmental and social responsibility expectations.

“Brands must have a clear purpose. People want to see deeds, not just speech. The brand must live up to the values ​​it represents. For the next generation, the car is no longer a matter of pride, but a solution for moving from one place to another. It is even more important for consumers to know the brand’s values, ”says Graham.

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