GroupM: The Market Tests Programmatic Audio Advertising, and Marketers Are Interested in the Offer

Originally posted in Polish on NowyMarketing

The development of podcasts, music streaming services and internet radio drives the dynamics of audio advertising on the web. Programmatic buying opportunities are in full swing, but Polish advertisers and planners are interested in the automated purchase of sound e-advertising.

Just a few percent of planners and advertisers in Poland have been in contact with the possibilities of the programmatic purchasing of audio advertising. However, the interest is large – because every third Polish marketer would like to use such a method of buying sound advertising, this is shown in the Xaxis research (the GroupM brand developing advanced technologies for buying digital media) and IAB Europe, which also includes the Polish market.

Advertisers are just testing in our market, since the end of last year, the first possibilities of the programmatic purchasing of audio ads. The opportunity integrates the offer of websites enabling the automated purchase of audio advertisements (m-audio). For now, there are four entities selling sound advertisement in the programmatic model.

Programmatic audio is much more widespread on the markets of Western Europe. The Xaxis and GroupM study showed that 60 percent of planners and advertisers from other markets have already tested this form of purchase for sound advertising.

As the Xaxis and IAB Europe study showed, the interest of advertisers, planners and internet publishers in the development of such a purchase model is primarily due to the greater possibilities of selectively reaching the desired audience.




The programmatic purchase possibilities already known from other segments of digital advertising are naturally tempting in audio advertising. Budgets for digital audio have so far come from digital media, stable consumption of traditional radio, the position of this medium in the cake. For radio broadcasters, the development of a programmatic offer for the purchase of online radios may result in additional investments – says Agata Pospiszył, the head of the Xaxis brand in the Group.

Polish publishers, planners and advertisers believe that programmatic opportunities to purchase sound advertising will develop primarily in streaming music services (92% surveyed by Xaxis and IAB Europe), on internet radio (80%) and in the advertising space offered by podcasts (68%).

The Xaxis and IAB Europe survey was carried out in April and May 2019 by Internet interviews among 500 representatives of the advertising industry in Europe.

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