Programmatic advertising can no longer ignore creativity

A decade of evolution has transformed the media and programmatic advertising landscape. The 3 golden rules – right person, time, and place – are no longer just a goal, but a standard. The upheaval in the economy and the advertising market caused by Covid-19 may be the time to ask whether enough progress has been made.

The purchases of advertisements, thanks to the programmatic advertising platforms, can be constantly improved, in real time and with the use of the most advanced technologies, trying to reach the ideal target based on the campaign KPIs.

However, as research shows that creativity is the most important factor in advertising success, the best targeting or algorithm won’t do much if creativity isn’t optimal .

Xaxis, as an actor in the programmatic market, therefore has the task of extending horizons, returning to focus also on creativity, bringing the creative message back to a central role throughout the supply chain, recognizing its importance as one of the fundamental elements on which the effectiveness of an advertising action is based on.

An extension of the programmatic boundaries is needed to include creativity and to maximize its effectiveness. It is fundamental to collaborate from the beginning of the creative process in a choral way. Creatives, agencies, data scientists and programmatic strategists must work in coordination , exploiting all the richness and diversity of digital media and not just limiting themselves to using the classic display formats, to reimagine and reassemble existing resources in new formats, optimizing them in the early stages of creative process for any audience and screen.

The choice to rethink the importance of creativity in correlation with the various media, especially purchasing in an automated mode, is crucial and can no longer be postponed, even in such a fragile moment in the advertising market characterized by very strong contractions in investments.

Programmatic advertising today has also come to weigh more than 30% of digital planning but from a certain point of view it is almost as if technology has left the creative side a bit behind, which still follows the most classic logics. Digital platforms (DSP, SSP, DMP) have essentially faced optimization in terms of targeting of audiences and KPIs, but often without combining specific creatives to specific audiences .

In today’s world of digital advertising there is a huge variety of channels and formats available: dynamic creatives, interactive and shoppable formats, conversational banners. The market allows you to choose from many solutions, beyond the classic display advertising.

This means that buying decisions must be made considering all the objectives and selecting the formats for their ability to engage consumers, based on the business objectives to be achieved, also facilitating the collection of data which becomes important in the optimization phase. countryside.

To meet these market needs, Xaxis has also organized itself internally with the creation of Xaxis Creative Studios (XCS) a laboratory of interactive designers and developers who will work with media agencies, which is currently based in LATAM and which has the objective to maximize the impact of the creative idea of ​​a campaign and make it more efficient and effective, based on the target audience and multimedia format, from interactive videos, to DCOs, to conversational ads.

At a time when it is extremely easy for consumers to bypass or block ads, especially the less relevant ones, it is essential to bridge the gap between big creative ideas and programmatic advertising, thus helping brands integrate creativity into online data campaigns. driven. Our goal is to work even more in synergy with creative agencies to help clients understand how strategies they have advocated can be further enhanced and fully exploited through the use of data and artificial intelligence, not just compared to the more classic optimization of creatives. dynamic but also with the aim of developing ad hoc digital creatives optimized for specific KPIs, such as video, rich media, conversational ads.

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