Italian companies believe in Programmatic Audio, but need more training

Companies believe in Programmatic Audio in Italy , but the potential of this sector is not fully exploited. This is revealed by a study conducted by Xaxis and IAB Europe , which has investigated across Europe the panorama of programmatic audio advertising. The research involved professionals, agencies, advertisers, publishers and dealers.

In Italy, 71% of respondents were from the buy-side (agencies 58%, advertisers 13%), compared to 29% from the sell-side (publishers / dealerships), and according to the intentions of most of the professionals involved on agencies and advertisers (68%), investments in Programmatic Audio are set to grow over the next 18 months .

According to the study, however, in Italy the potential of the audio sector is not fully exploited. In fact, although 54% of respondents use the capabilities of Programmatic Audio, the expense is extremely limited : in 91% of cases, it is in fact an investment that does not exceed 10% of the total advertising budget.

With great surprise, only a small part (13%) of the buy-side operator component claims to know the Programmatic Audio well , against a good 37% of sell side operators who instead declare to have a good knowledge of the medium. Although future investments in Programmatic Audio are expected, there is therefore a clear need for training in this regard.

Although the analysis shows that marketers in Italy have a conservative approach to the media and the allocation of significant audio budgets, the market perceives their opportunities. 65% are in fact investing in Programmatic Audio for the benefits related to targeting and the possibility of reaching specific audienceswhile 71% say that the investment in audio advertising completes the media mix .

However, the increase in investments in the audio medium is hampered by barriers, that is, by understanding the impact of Programmatic Audio on total investment in terms of ROI (44%) and collaboration with publishers, agencies or advertisers (41%).

“Programmatic Audio is the future – said Erik Rosa, Managing Director of Xaxis Italia -. Despite the limited knowledge of the Programmatic Audio conditions the allocation of the advertising budget, it is agreed that we can favor spending in the next 18 months increasing its familiarity “.

Below is a summary infographic of the study.

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