The Ad Platform: Checking in on Programmatic Trends 6 Months into the Pandemic

“Volatility” has been the watchword of the pandemic in regards to programmatic display ad buying. Nicolas Bidon, CEO of Xaxis, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss what the programmatic media firm has experienced in recent months, and what’s coming as targeting and attribution challenges mount.

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Discussion points
  • Original promise of programmatic and what’s ahead
  • Acceleration of working with trusted partners to navigate the complexity and a clear first party data strategy to execute on
    • COVID-19 has pushed business of all sizes and verticals to double down on ecommerce/digital strategies
    • Makes it easier for us to connect actions we take on behalf of clients and the outcomes they see
  • How programmatic was easy to turn down, but also easier than other media formats to recover under COVID-19
  • Agility and reactivity of our employees to navigate our clients and industry through this
  • Creativity in solving new problems, ingenuity of our employees in maintain culture (Thrive Day)
  • Still opportunity for brands to do use data to really do right message, right time, right audience by informing creative (XCS)
    • Under COVID-19 it allowed us to scale/change creative to new message
    • Will drive next big wave of better consumer experience
  • Acceleration of DOOH under COVID – nimbleness, geo-fencing benefits as markets/economies are in different phases of opening