The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

It’s ‘stat’ time of the week again…

This week’s round up includes news about Amazon, live video, programmatic audio, and lots more.

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60% of marketers want to increase programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months

new study by Xaxis has found that EMEA marketers are seeing greater opportunity in programmatic audio, as 60% of its survey respondents want to increase spend in this area over the next 18 months.

Currently, 59% of marketers say they are already utilising the capabilities of programmatic audio to some extent, however, spend is low. 79% invest less than 10% of total ad spend on audio, and 41% allocate no budget to programmatic audio at all.

The top three drivers for investing in audio advertising are recognised as complementing the media mix, reaching specific audiences, and raising brand awareness. Meanwhile, 63% of marketers cited achieving targeting efficiencies as a key driver for investing in programmatic audio, while 44% cited taking advantage of data insights.

Xaxis goes on to highlight challenges for marketers, with the two biggest barriers to exploring audio investment being a clear understanding of the impact of programmatic audio trading on total revenue, and the availability of technology.

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