Women in Tech: Monica Cipriani from Xaxis talks about her digital adventur

Source: Daily Online | March 2019

On the occasion of the Women’s Day, DailyNet starts a new editorial cycle. It starts with an interview with Monica Cipriani, Head of Product & Marketing of Xaxis Italy

Digital Transformation, data, programmatic. The ad tech segment is constantly evolving thanks to the people who compose it, feed it and innovate it. For Women’s Day, DailyNet , with the support of  GingerMay Pr , launches Women in Tech , a series of interviews with women who daily contribute to the development of the sector.

“An area in constant evolution and characterized by numerous challenges, above all that of data”, declares Monica Cipriani , Head of Product & Marketing of Xaxis Italy and protagonist of the first issue of Women in Tech to our newspaper .

How did your career in advertising technology start?

I’ve always been passionate about communication and media. After graduating in Publishing and Journalism, I realized that I wanted to deepen digital communication and attended a Masters degree that opened my doors to the digital and advertising world. I immediately understood that I was facing a market in which I would never be bored!

What are the main challenges that companies like Xaxis are facing today?

The challenges are many. Leaving aside the strong presence on the advertising market of international players, the main one is the very nature of digital that is constantly evolving: what is a rule today, tomorrow is already old, so it is necessary to innovate continuously in terms of business and skills. Companies like Xaxis have the task of guiding clients along this path, in achieving their marketing objectives, especially at this time when they are called upon to face digital transformation. Digital transformation is having a major impact on businesses.

How would you describe the effects of all these changes?

Those who work in digital technology are used to booms that often turn out to be not very concrete. However, the “Digital Transformation” is not a passing trend. It is a revolution that involves many aspects, structural, technological, cultural: it is a change of skin for everyone, from companies, to business, but also for ourselves, as people and citizens. I like to use a metaphor in use on the subject: the Digital Transformation is a large wave that companies must be able to “surf”. It is necessary to define the objectives, to adjust the skills, to equip oneself with the right tools to surf the wave, without being overwhelmed. It takes courage, but I don’t see other alternatives to keep up.

In your opinion, what was the technological event that has had the greatest impact in recent years?

There have been many and many others will be there. Only by focusing on the world of advertising, I think of the advent of mobile that has changed the way of using online content, of programmatic advertising that has revolutionized traditional media planning, of artificial intelligence applied to more and more disciplines. I think, however, that the theme of data and their use will always be more preponderant and fundamental to make decisions that are the basis of the business.

What was the most important lesson you received in your career?

That perfection does not exist, so it is useless, as well as counterproductive, to become discouraged in his research. I learned it by doing, facing fears, developing the sense of responsibility that characterizes me and accepting errors or imperfections with greater serenity. This is obviously not a device to stay still and not improve.

What do you think about the challenge that today’s women face to find the balance between professional aspirations and personal life?  In this context, what support does Xaxis offer?

The so-called “work-life balance”, that is finding the right balance between office and personal life is a very current and difficult challenge, especially in a metropolitan city like Milan, always in the running, and in the world of advertising, where urgency is the newspaper. It is something that must start from the person, but also from the companies. For example, GroupM and Xaxis in Italy have regularized Smart Working once a week; this makes it easier to manage leisure time, optimizing travel, as well as allowing you to work outside the office, a good opportunity for those like me who have loved ones and loved ones who do not live in Milan.

What advice would you give to today’s young people who want to pursue a successful career in this sector?

To believe in themselves, in their aspirations and to be passionate. You need to look around with curiosity, be proactive and inspired, continue to study and often leave your comfort zone, in order to evolve. Without ever forgetting to continue traveling, dancing, painting, going to the theater, watching a movie, being with the people we love: it is equally important to feed and grow the person behind the professional.