Xaxis rolls out short-form video ad format in APAC

Source: Marketing Magazine | February 19, 2019

Xaxis has partnered with adtech company Sizmek to roll out a short-form video product in Asia Pacific, aggregating high quality brand safe video ads which are 100% viewable and delivers effective engagement.

The mobile-first, six-second short-form video format enables clients to run campaigns across a selection of publishers including Unruly’s premium publisher marketplace – Spotify, Rakuten Viber and Dailymotion, driving increased advertising reach and engagement.

According to Xaxis in a press statement, the new video format will also allow advertisers to capitalise on evolving consumer behaviour. In addition to the roll out, Sizmek also added interactive elements into the new format to drive engagement and dwell time. A new social sharing function increases advertising mileage, while custom emoticon reaction buttons unlock a new dimension in campaign measurement.

Deepika Nikhilender, senior vice president, APAC, Xaxis said long gone are the days when advertisers could simply rely on good creative and a big budget. Today, brands look to maximise reach by scaling on digital platforms, but genuine engagement remains “elusive”, Nikhilender said.

“By adding social sharing and emotional engagement functions for the first time, we have pioneered a distinct way for outcome-driven brands to optimise and measure their campaign results,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sizmek’s general manager, APAC, Peter Hunter, said its partnership with Xaxis reflects its commitment to build personalised experiences for consumers to connect with brands.

“This new product will enable brands to be more creative on the smaller screen. The custom emoticon reaction buttons we built into the ad format allow social media users to interact seamlessly with ad content, giving advertisers a more holistic way of measuring audience engagement,” Hunter said.

Unruly’s chief commercial officer, APAC, Phil Townend, added that with over two-thirds of the Asia Pacific population being mobile users hungry for bite-sized content, Xaxis’ short-form video format is set to make a big impact in the region and drive tangible outcomes for brands.