Xaxis Delivers Measurable Outcomes

See how we help global brands achieve the outcomes they value from their digital media investments.

What are outcomes?

Media outcomes are digital campaign results that align directly with our clients’ ultimate marketing and business goals.

Why they matter

Because they drive measurable value for our clients. To be meaningful, digital advertising needs to be tied closely to an advertiser’s real objectives.

How to get there

By jointly defining custom success metrics that directly connect with our clients’ marketing and business goals so that every campaign delivers measurable and valuable results.


Jakarta is the third most congested city in the world, so how could we help IKEA persuade Jakartans to visit their store on the edge of the city despite perceptions it was ‘too far’?

Through GPS mapping and traffic update-driven mobile ads that let them know when traffic was light, we beat footfall targets by 131% and users that saw our ads were three times more likely to visit than those that hadn’t.


In 2017 there were 38 hotel and casinos operating in Macau with 17 more being built. So, when it came to launch its new site, MGM knew competition for visitors would be fierce.

MGM used JWT and Xaxis for creative and audience planning to reach more than 40 million target users and achieve 50% lower CPC costs than the benchmark.

The Power of Viewability

Xaxis’ vCPM placements drove 103.4% more conversions compared to the standard CPM placements and a 72.3% higher conversion rate overall.

Machine Learning Boosts Performance
Machine Learning Boosts Viewability Performance

Xaxis partnered with a leading APAC travel and tourism client and utilized machine learning to deliver 45% lower CPA and 294% greater conversion rate compared to the standard retargeting strategy.

Delivering Unique Audience Reach
Delivering Unique Audience Reach

Xaxis drove 114% more unique views for 30s videos and 153% for 15s videos, with an average viewability of 90%.

Efficient eCPA
Driving Sales and Efficiency

Xaxis delivered a 61% lower eCPA than the client’s goal for the campaign. The client saw a 718% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Programmatic Creative
The Programmatic Creative Advantage

Xaxis delivered an overall Post Click Cost per Order (CPO)33% below the client’s campaign goal and the campaign’s Post Impression CPO was 79% lower than the client’s Post Click CPO goal.

Delivering Quality Applicants

Xaxis reached an audience of qualified leads with an application approval rate 4x better than the next partner.