Converting On Cruise Control Via Copilot For Ford Europe



The Ford Norway team looked to drive conversions on their site. An extensive analysis showed that visitors to had vast differences in user behavior. 13.4 million historical data points were analyzed, and it became apparent that variables such as geography, car model, weekday and time of day have a significant impact on conversion rate and cost.

Our hypothesis was that these holistic insights could be utilized to improve the custom-built programmatic buying algorithms, which historically were optimized based on self-generated campaign conversion data. Setting the goal to both increase campaign cost effectiveness and performance.


We used a full year worth of Adobe Analytics data from Ford to be as thorough as possible. All programmatic purchases were analyzed, along with website traffic and conversions from all digital sources – IO display, search, social, content, and organic. We then built nameplate-specific bidding algorithms based on the overall behavioral patterns observed on the Ford website and utilized Copilot, Xaxis’ proprietary AI, to apply these unique algorithms for optimization.



decrease in overall CPA


decrease in overall CPA