Xaxis E-Commerce

A modern e-commerce solution must help advertisers sort through the complexity, understand changing customer behaviors, and unite their data and strategies across platforms.

Xaxis helps brands navigate the evolving e-commerce landscape to:

Connect siloed data points
Analyze and understand consumers’ evolving habits
Identify, reach, and attract potential customers
Create and hone personalized messaging that spurs more sales
Deploy unique and extensive data and AI to optimize investments
Measure and attribute media to improve e-commerce strategy
Achieve custom outcomes that link to real business value

How do we do it?


Connect data points

Connecting data from different touchpoints enables us to create a better holistic view of your customers so you can better understand their behaviors and create more accurate target audiences.

Drive consumers towards purchase

Reaching your audiences across multiple online environments and e-commerce venues, including premium publishers, leading marketplaces, and shoppable media, enables us to drive consumers towards purchase across various points of sale.

Optimize in one all-inclusive place

Operating your e-commerce media strategy through one all-inclusive partner enables us to monitor and optimize continuously and holistically, using the insights we gather to inform and improve subsequent campaigns.

Data + global reach = success

Leveraging our proprietary data and global partnerships enables us to supercharge your e-commerce investments.

Building sales on brand.com

A global furniture retailer wanted to drive online sales. We used AI to analyze consumer behaviors on the client’s website and identify which products were appealing to which customers. We then built personalized messaging that showed the most relevant products to each visitor. 
Increase in
conversion rates
Increase in revenue

Driving growth on Amazon

A CPG healthcare brand wanted to drive sales on Amazon. We assembled a target audience using Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) remarketing and look-alike segments built based on the brand’s past Amazon customers and Amazon In-market and Contextual segments to reach users likely to purchase the brand’s products. Then we used Amazon Dynamic eCommerce Ads to optimize creative messaging based on campaign and audience data. We also used the Xaxis Whitelist to identify brand-safe environments outside of Amazon.
Higher goal purchase rate
Higher ROAS

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