Xaxis Omnichannel Solutions

Your audiences are distributed across more channels, platforms, and devices than ever before. Advertisers need to integrate every possible consumer touchpoints into their digital media strategies, but they must do so intelligently and efficiently.

Effective omnichannel strategy does much more than engage audiences across all the different touchpoints - it unifies and orchestrates those efforts to make sure they all work together to exceed the sum of their parts.
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Xaxis Omnichannel Solutions provide a holistic, centralized resource that helps you:

  • Process and integrate multiple data streams
  • Make thousands of split-second bidding decisions
  • Dynamically predict performance and adjust investment
  • Define the parameters and conditions of success for your business
  • Develop algorithmic models that meet your unique goals
  • Unearth strategic, actionable insights to improve outcomes over time
increase in footfall for ikea
We used a location-based messaging strategy that integrated real-time traffic conditions to estimate time-to-store for users, reinforcing the accessibility of IKEA’s nearby location.
lower cost per unique each for Subway
Our Integrated Video solution targeted users across a range of video environments, holistically managing frequency and shifting budget to the best performing segments in real time.
increase in footfall for Domino's Pizza
We utilized the full scope of contextual targeting in programmatic DOOh to deliver personalized creative in real time to align with weather, traffic, location, and time of day.

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