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We build cutting-edge digital media solutions and deliver them through expert managed services to reach and engage customers across their digital journeys.
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Digital Media Formats


Digital out-of-home

DOOH (digital out-of-home) allows advertisers to reach mass audiences with high-impact rich media through a varied and expanding inventory of large and small digital screens all over the world.

  • When the reach of DOOH is combined with mobile data, we get greater insights into which consumers are seeing the ads, leading to huge opportunities in audience retargeting and omnichannel integration.
  • With our DOOH partner, Kinetic, we have access to extensive premium DOOH inventory that can be purchased programmatically and adjusted in real time. We can optimize DOOH buys based on desired audiences and a range of contextual factors, like weather, location, and time of day.
  • Our data-driven DOOH strategies have produced measurable outcomes like brand lift, footfall, sales lift, and more.
case study
In India, we helped Manyavar use OOH+Mobile to increase footfall.
Audiences exposed to both DOOH & mobile inventory recorded 1.98x store footfalls against the control group and a 50% increase in CTR against regional benchmarks.
Digital out-of-home


Digital Audio only enables you to reach users that other visual media can’t reach. It also boasts a captive, brand-safe environment where you get 100% share of voice.

  • Xaxis has developed its own premium supply network for digital audio, including preferred access to inventory on popular exchange platforms and directly with premium podcast publishers and digital streaming broadcasters.
  • We can also integrate dynamic creative capabilities, enabling streamlined optimization of audio content in real time based on user data, geography, demographics, contextual factors, and more. And we combine that with built-in frequency management, holistic performance reports, and seamless cross-channel integration.

Integrated Video

Video inventory is spread across streaming devices, smart TVs, content aggregators, ad exchanges, broadcast networks, and beyond. Consumer behavior is just as fragmented, making video advertising a complex task for marketers.

  • Xaxis Integrated Video lets you manage all your video campaigns through one holistic resource. Combined with Copilot, it improves cost efficiency, simplifies video buying, and increases your ability to move customers down the sales funnel. It accounts for audience overlap and duplication across all video channels and reduces overexposure through holistic frequency management.
case study
Increasing the efficiency of ad spend while reaching more unique viewers for Subway.
  • We targeted Subway’s desired audience across a range of video environments while managing frequency and shifting budget to the best performing segments in real time.
  • We achieved a 43% lower cost per unique reach.
Integrated Video


Standard display, rich media, native in-feed, and high impact display are powerful tools for creating awareness, fostering engagement, and driving conversions.

  • Xaxis display offerings drive business outcomes at all stages of the sales funnel. Our audience-first approach to display uses brand-safe inventory to reach highly relevant audiences with targeted messages across platforms.
  • An auto client wanted to increase awareness and drive on-site actions. Our display campaign activated custom audience segments, then optimized performance with algorithmic modeling from Copilot. We exceeded our target outcomes across multiple categories:
  • Outperformed Video Completion Rate goal by 117%
  • Achieved 25% lower CPA than targeted
In Game Advertising

In-Game Advertising

Gaming is a powerful new touchpoint on the customer journey with huge potential to find and engage untapped audiences. As a newer player in the programmatic ecosystem, it benefits from test and learn strategies that let advertisers refine their approach for the best possible outcomes.

  • We leverage premium partnerships to access prime inventory across many types of games. In a medium where context is especially important, our creative and AI experts apply extensive research, data, analysis, and human intelligence to ensure relevance, safety, and suitability while reaching the right audiences for your ads.
In Game Advertising

Conversational Advertising

Consumers are rapidly adopting voice-driven and conversational interfaces, changing the way brands interact with customers.

  • Xaxis Conversational Ads are a highly engaging, dialog-driven, customized rich media format that lets you start an actual dialog with your customers. They change advertising from a one-way announcement to an interactive engagement.
  • Conversational Ads are customized to the brand’s identity, content, and voice, and to the consumer’s needs. Dialog is developed with self-learning, AI-driven Natural Language Processing technology. They are highly scalable, since they are an evolution of rich media display ads.
  • Conversational Ads provide a personalized experience that can lead to increased engagement and uplifts in brand consideration and are more effective than standard display at driving conversions and lowering CPAs.

Omnichannel Solutions

Outcome Media.Omnichannel Integration.E-Commerce

Omnichannel Integration

Your audiences are distributed across more channels, platforms, and devices than ever before. Advertisers need to integrate every possible consumer touchpoints into their digital media strategies, but they must do so intelligently and efficiently.

Effective omnichannel strategy does much more than engage audiences across all the different touchpoints -- it unifies and orchestrates those efforts to make sure they all work together to exceed the sum of their parts.

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A modern e-commerce solution must help advertisers sort through the complexity, understand changing customer behaviors, and unite their data and strategies across platforms.

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Outcome Media

Outcome-driven media means developing, planning against, and optimizing to digital success metrics that map much more closely to an advertiser’s ultimate goals, from brand lift to footfall, from lead generation to sales. AND it means being held accountable for performing against those metrics.

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