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Group M - Our parent company

We are the outcome media specialist of GroupM, the world’s largest media buyer

With a worldwide network of influential partners at GroupM and beyond, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining industry-leading standards for safety, fraud, privacy, and accountability in digital media.

Xaxis has partnered with Amazon to enable advertisers and agencies to reach audiences programmatically across the web. As one of Xaxis’ key global partners, we work closely with Amazon to ensure our clients are happy and we develop new and innovative solutions that deliver better outcomes while driving the programmatic industry forward.

With Amazon DSP, clients get access to Amazon’s exclusive audience insights and the ability to reach their audiences with a singular view across devices and formats. Amazon’s audience insights allow clients to accurately measure advertising’s impact on how consumers discover, research, and purchase products across touchpoints.

Xaxis and Amazon together means:

  • Delivering across mobile, video, CTV, product search and display, our campaigns drive strong brand lift and ROAS across a variety of high-quality inventory sources both on Amazon and apps, as well as through the Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.
  • Xaxis utilizes GroupM’s proprietary [m]Insights audience platform to incorporate our advertisers’ existing audiences into their Amazon Advertising campaigns. This drives relevance and enables advertisers to consistently reach their target audience.
  • Our talented team of Amazon Advertising Accredited traders has mastered Amazon’s DSP and its many connected layers to drive both ROAS and lasting brand health outcomes, enabling us to work to more value-driven metrics such as viewable CPM (VCPM) and cost per unique page view.

Xaxis and Oracle Advertising have joined forces to help advertisers and agencies deliver better business outcomes by connecting with their target audiences and measuring the efficacy of their campaigns across channels and platforms in a programmatic world.

With Oracle Advertising, clients receive customized solutions for their advertising needs, inclusive of audience activation, contextual intelligence, and comprehensive campaign measurement.  

Xaxis and Oracle Advertising together means:

  • A robust understanding of cross-platform audience reach and frequency, coupled with customizable contextual targeting solutions that ensure safe and relevant advertising at scale. 
  • Enabling clients to reach customers with the right messages at the right touchpoints throughout increasingly complex digital journeys, and measure and optimize effectively. 
  • Going beyond verification through comprehensive measurement technology built to anticipate change and truly make brand advertising more effective online.  

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Xaxis has partnered with Cavai to enable more personalized, interactive advertising experiences that help advertisers achieve better outcomes from their media investments. 

Cavai’s proprietary technology, the Cavai Cloud, allows Xaxis to design, build, and serve dynamic conversations within interactive advertising formats at scale across the entire programmatic ecosystem. These interactive and conversational formats invite consumers to engage in a two-way dialogue with brands. They provide a more personalized experience for each customer while increasing engagement and yielding actionable insights for the advertiser.

Coupled with Xaxis’ proprietary AI technology, Copilot, this partnership enables Xaxis clients to drive advertising that is not only creatively effective, but also intelligently optimized to improve brand outcomes and ROI.

Built with a privacy-first approach, Cavai’s formats do not drop or collect cookies, nor do they rely on cookies to be delivered. They gather and dynamically utilize performance data through genuine interactions with customers in real time.

 Xaxis and Cavai together means:

  • Xaxis utilizes the Cavai Cloud technology alongside Copilot to provide highly engaging, interactive conversational advertising strategies that drive brand lift and lead to real business outcomes.
  • Brands have access to actionable, data-driven insights that help them navigate the complex cookieless world.
  • Consumers can experience more personal, relevant brand interactions, delivered as dynamic and interactive experiences.
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