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Group M - Our parent company

We are the outcome media specialist of GroupM, the world’s largest media buyer

With a worldwide network of influential partners at GroupM and beyond, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining industry-leading standards for safety, fraud, privacy, and accountability in digital media.

Xaxis has partnered with Amazon to enable advertisers and agencies to reach audiences programmatically across the web. As one of Xaxis’ key global partners, we work closely with Amazon to ensure our clients are happy and we develop new and innovative solutions that deliver better outcomes while driving the programmatic industry forward.

With Amazon DSP, clients get access to Amazon’s exclusive audience insights and the ability to reach their audiences with a singular view across devices and formats. Amazon’s audience insights allow clients to accurately measure advertising’s impact on how consumers discover, research, and purchase products across touchpoints.

Xaxis and Amazon together means:
  • Delivering across mobile, video, CTV, product search and display, our campaigns drive strong brand lift and ROAS across a variety of high-quality inventory sources both on Amazon and apps, as well as through the Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.
  • Our talented team of Amazon Advertising Accredited traders has mastered Amazon’s DSP and its many connected layers to drive both ROAS and lasting brand health outcomes, enabling us to work to more value-driven metrics such as viewable CPM (VCPM) and cost per unique page view.

Xaxis and Oracle Advertising have joined forces to help advertisers and agencies deliver better business outcomes by connecting with their target audiences and measuring the efficacy of their campaigns across channels and platforms in a programmatic world.

With Oracle Advertising, clients receive customized solutions for their advertising needs, inclusive of audience activation, contextual intelligence, and comprehensive campaign measurement.  

Xaxis and Oracle Advertising together means:
  • A robust understanding of cross-platform audience reach and frequency, coupled with customizable contextual targeting solutions that ensure safe and relevant advertising at scale. 
  • Enabling clients to reach customers with the right messages at the right touchpoints throughout increasingly complex digital journeys, and measure and optimize effectively. 
  • Going beyond verification through comprehensive measurement technology built to anticipate change and truly make brand advertising more effective online.  

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Xaxis has partnered with Cavai to enable more personalized, interactive advertising experiences that help advertisers achieve better outcomes from their media investments. 

Cavai’s proprietary technology, the Cavai Cloud, allows Xaxis to design, build, and serve dynamic conversations within interactive advertising formats at scale across the entire programmatic ecosystem. These interactive and conversational formats invite consumers to engage in a two-way dialogue with brands. They provide a more personalized experience for each customer while increasing engagement and yielding actionable insights for the advertiser.

Coupled with Xaxis’ proprietary AI technology, Copilot, this partnership enables Xaxis clients to drive advertising that is not only creatively effective, but also intelligently optimized to improve brand outcomes and ROI.

Built with a privacy-first approach, Cavai’s formats do not drop or collect cookies, nor do they rely on cookies to be delivered. They gather and dynamically utilize performance data through genuine interactions with customers in real time.

 Xaxis and Cavai together means:

  • Xaxis utilizes the Cavai Cloud technology alongside Copilot to provide highly engaging, interactive conversational advertising strategies that drive brand lift and lead to real business outcomes.
  • Brands have access to actionable, data-driven insights that help them navigate the complex cookieless world.
  • Consumers can experience more personal, relevant brand interactions, delivered as dynamic and interactive experiences.

Jivox is transforming the way the world experiences digital marketing by connecting brands with their audiences in the most personalized way. Jivox’ Dynamic Creative technology drives engagement and digital commerce across paid and owned media, delivering ROI by reducing production costs and increasing media performance using big data, AI/machine learning, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), and identity technologies. Jivox Kairos Purchase Prediction Engine drives sales by matching the right products with consumers that have the highest purchase intent.


Xaxis has partnered with DoubleVerify to enable advertisers to drive campaign quality and effectiveness and to maximize return on their digital advertising investments. DV’s suite of pre- and post-bid solutions help to build a baseline of quality for media buyers and further drive performance through relevant contextual targeting and attention-based metrics.

By leveraging DoubleVerify’s solutions, advertisers can ensure they’re bidding on the highest quality inventory that is measured by a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric called the DV Authentic Ad™. To be counted as Authentic, an ad must be fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand safe environment, within the intended geography. DV is the only company accredited to measure and de-duplicate ad quality in this manner — enabling brands working with Xaxis to use the DV Authentic Ad™ count as a defining, holistic KPI for campaign effectiveness.

DV and Xaxis are working together to ensure Xaxis staff are fully trained on DV products and best practices via DV University to deliver campaign excellence for their advertiser clients.

Xaxis and DoubleVerify together means:

  • Advertisers can create a centralized set of brand safety and suitability and fraud controls and automatically deploy these controls across multiple programmatic buying platforms and campaigns. This offers heightened levels of advertiser protection and drives substantial gains in both operating efficiency and campaign performance.
  • Privacy-friendly solutions that enable brands to reach the most relevant audiences and measure consumer attention and optimize performance.
  • Advanced app-level controls and transparency on Connected TV (CTV) that allow digital advertisers to ensure quality and drive performance on the largest screen in the house.

Xaxis and Yahoo have partnered closely to drive results for clients looking for business results, whether that be brand awareness, engagements, or sales. Yahoo’s DSP provides scale, unique data, and exclusive supply without compromising transparency.

With the Yahoo DSP, Xaxis clients receive:

  • Identity at the Core –Built on more than 200 billion data signals per day and first-party data. As a result, marketers can work with programmatic teams to test identity solutions to prepare for a post-cookie world and create unique audiences to extend reach or drive performance.
  • Premium Exclusive Inventory - Exclusive reserved access to Yahoo & Microsoft properties.
  • Performance - Machine learning that consistently drives performance by using proprietary performance algorithms.

Channel Factory is a trusted YouTube Measurement Program partner that removes complexity from the YouTube ecosystem, and provides streamlined brand safety, suitability and performance on YouTube. Channel Factory's technology platform leverages proprietary data inputs like transcriptions, sentiment, historical performance, and content type, plus we have exclusive data from our partners like Comscore & IAS.

Channel Factory & Xaxis partner closely to integrate brand suitability and top performance for Xaxis YouTube Campaigns into Xaxis Dashboard. We provide GARM measurement for campaigns that utilize Channel Factory lists, ensuring Xaxis campaigns are always safe and suitable. Additionally, Channel Factory has unique behavioural and contextual segments through exclusive partnerships with Comscore and IAS that is available to any/all Xaxis campaigns that want Comscore's 3rd party audience verification on their YouTube campaign.


OpenSlate is a global content measurement and analytics company. The company’s technology and independent ratings system unlocks insight into the nature and quality of content on the world’s largest platforms. Media buyers and sellers partner with OpenSlate to measure and manage the safety, suitability and affinity of ad-supported content. OpenSlate's full-featured contextual advertising platform maximizes brand protection and message alignment while streamlining workflows. OpenSlate is used by every major advertising holding company, as well as the world’s largest advertisers. Learn more at

Xaxis’ longstanding partnership with Xandr enables Xaxis to execute advanced programmatic campaigns in a trusted and streamlined environment, which is instrumental to Xaxis’ ability to deliver real business outcomes for Xaxis clients.

A key element of the Xaxis-Xandr partnership is the advanced integration of Xaxis’ proprietary AI solution, Copilot. Xandr also provides access to log-level data, which allows Xaxis to build business intelligence reporting across all of our accounts and enables Xaxis traders to use Xaxis’ cutting-edge machine learning models to streamline bidding and investment decisions.

Xaxis uses Xandr’s InvestDSP to enable advertisers to reach their audiences across digital and TV.

Xaxis and Xandr’s InvestDSP together means:

    • Delivering advanced, guaranteed, and custom outcomes across display, mobile, video, and audio. Xaxis campaigns drive strong ROAS by targeting bespoke audiences within Xandr’s premium marketplaces.
    • Advertisers can integrate their existing audiences into Xandr, enabling Xaxis to reach their target audience and drive relevance.
    • Expert campaign management. Xaxis traders possess InvestDSP certifications, ensuring Xaxis provide the best performance across all campaigns.
    • The ability to mobilize Xaxis’ Data Science team that builds custom Copilot models that use advertisers’ first party data to its fullest potential.
    • Assurance of brand safety and suitability, as Xandr’s open ecosystem allows Xaxis to integrate with preferred 3rd party verification providers.

Xaxis also uses the Xandr Monetize platform in a number of markets to aggregate, curate, and optimize Xaxis’ Premium Supply. This enables Xaxis to gain end-to-end visibility on all buys, ensuring Xaxis deliver clients’ programmatic campaigns into engaging, effective, and brand-safe environments.

The mutual focus on innovation is also essential to the partnership. Xaxis and Xandr continuously seek out and develop innovative solutions including new formats, channels, performance measures, and audience targeting capabilities.

Here are some of the ways the Xaxis and IAS partnership helps make sure every impression counts for our clients:

  • The IAS Media Quality solution helps Xaxis clients achieve highly viewable, fraud-free, safe, and suitable impressions across screens. From desktop to mobile, video to CTV, social to programmatic, IAS solutions help brands and publishers boost impact and drive efficiency.
  • The IAS Context Control solution uses patented semantic technology and Natural Language Processing to provide human-like machine comprehension of content, including the sentiment of the page. And IAS goes even further, interpreting the emotions of the author to understand the true meaning of the content, and ensuring contextual relevance of the environment for brands.
  • The IAS Academy and Global Expert Program are extended throughout the Xaxis global network through this partnership, providing opportunities for knowledge sharing, training on new solutions, and developing new skills to serve our clients more seamlessly.

IAS & Xaxis Together Means:

  • Safer Audio Advertising. IAS is empowering greater brand safety and suitability for advertising and measurement by partnering with major podcast platforms.
  • Smarter Gaming Capabilities. IAS provides powerful in-game measurement solutions with Anzu.
  • Advanced CTV Solutions. IAS enables total CTV transparency with current and future solutions like brand safety, contextual avoidance, contextual targeting, ad pod insights, and creative deduping at the channel and content level.
  • Enhanced Campaign Efficiency. IAS offers end-to-end Automated Tag solutions and seamless campaign management with MediaOcean’s Prisma.
  • Global Impact on Brands. With 19 offices in 12 countries, IAS has a worldwide presence that extends across the Xaxis global network.
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