The Brand Safety Edge

Published on June 18, 2019
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Brand Safety WP Cover

Programmatic media buyers consistently name “brand safety” among their top concerns in the digital advertising marketplace. A majority say they expect brand safety to grow as a challenge, even as solutions evolve.

Marketers are also grappling with the need to define “safety” for their individual brands and campaigns, to enlist the best technologies and techniques, and to balance reach and targeting against acceptable levels of protection — knowing that no solution is 100% effective.

It’s not hard to define “brand safety,” in general, but achieving it requires considerable expertise in dealing with technologies and legalities, and in the vagaries of platforms, publishers, distribution, viewability, and fraud.

Brand marketers are approaching brand safety with new levels of nuance and sophistication, increasing investment, and enlisting partners to improve their capabilities as new guidance emerges, thereby bringing better quality and effectiveness to their media spends. This white paper can help them do just that.

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