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Published on May 4, 2022
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Global consumer attitudes to digital outdoor advertising and its unique potential for brands

This study finds that consumers welcome DOOH in their environments, often more so than marketers, often saying it adds to their experiences outside the home, prompts interactivity and engagement with the messages, and increases their propensity to make a purchase.

Key findings include: 

  • Consumers are more receptive towards DOOH than marketers in eight out of 11 nations we surveyed. They rated the format between ten and 39 percentage points higher in those countries.
  • A majority (70%) believe DOOH “feels really current” and find it to be a useful format for learning more about products or brands, with 72% describing it as “very” or “quite” informative.
  • DOOH is showing increasing traction as a performance medium, with many consumers saying that it inspires interaction and encourages them to make a purchase.
      • 38% have visited a website seen on a DOOH ad, 34% have used a hashtag, and 24% have used a QR code. Nearly all respondents (94%) said they find QR codes to be useful.
  • They find DOOH appealing in multiple ways, often surpassing other forms of traditional and digital media.
      • Compared to TV, 55% more people believe DOOH has ads which improve their perception of the brand (17% vs 11%).
      • Compared to social media, 50% more people believe DOOH delivers memorable ads (24% vs 8%).
      • Compared to online video, 33% more people believe DOOH ads are trustworthy (28% vs 21%).

About the study 

Kantar Group conducted the study on behalf of Xaxis and Kinetic, who have teamed to lead Sightline.

A 15-minute survey was completed by 11,000 respondents across 11 countries including USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, and India.

All respondents were over the age of 16. Kantar set quotas to ensure that the demographic range of the respondents (age, gender, social grade) was in proportion with the respective national averages of each region.


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