The Future of Advertising – Episode 1 with Owen Sagness, VP Northern Europe & CEMEA at AppNexus

Published on December 8, 2016
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In November Xaxis UK hosted its 3rd annual Xaxie Awards where we interviewed the leading experts in the industry about the “The Future of Advertising”.  We produced 3 part series honing in on what kind of skills will be essential for marketers in the future, the responsibility we have as an industry to drive real value for consumers and accountability in marketing spend for advertisers and brands.
Opening the series and taking a look at the future of Programmatic, Owen Sagness, VP Norther Europe and CEMEA at AppNexus shares his thoughts on how he feels programmatic advertising will evolve in the future. He explains that within the next three years there will be 34 billion devices connected to the internet, equating to 4 devices per human being and that the best way to reach them is through programmatic advertising.
To watch the full interview and get more insight from Owen on the future of programmatic advertising click below.

[gem_youtube video_id="pwz35lImqMU"]

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