The Modern Traveler – What the Data Really Says

Published on May 4, 2017

Emanuela Recalcati, Audience Strategy Director for Xaxis EMEA shares her insights along with our traveller infographic here.

Travel marketers: what the data really says

How many essential types of travellers are there? Well, it depends on which lead-gen article you read. Often, it seems to depend on whatever narrative the copywriter who was hired to write the blog post in question has managed to come up with.
At Xaxis, we prefer our narratives to be built on data. In April 2017, we conducted a study in eight markets surveying the travel-planning and buying behaviours of over 2,400 holiday makers, considering every significant aspect of how they plan, research, and buy their holiday.
The resulting study is immediately actionable, here’s what it reveals.

There are five types of traveller:

The Xaxis Insight and Analytics (I&A) team identified five essential types of traveller, based on motivations, behaviour, and psychology.

  1. The plugged-in traveller:young millennials who prefer to independently plan trips, rather than work through agents. 90% research online and are most likely to use a mobile device on holiday.
  2. Digital detoxers:90% disconnect from devices on holiday BUT they are the most likely to be influenced by online content such as blogs during the planning stage.
  3. Adventure seekers:travel on average four times a year. They are highly susceptible to word-of-mouth advertising but can be reached online if targeted at the research stage.
  4. Family holiday makers:time poor, they are likely to ask someone else to book their holiday for them.  They are most likely of all the types to use a desktop as opposed to a mobile.
  5. Old-schoolers:45-65 years old. 72% influenced by offline sources through which you can reach this segment.  This does include TV as we found that this demographic watches on average 22 hours a week.
Act now to scale your client's summer 2017 campaigns!

This research contains up-to-date and detailed audience insights you need to achieve maximum efficiency in your media buying.
It will help you to:

  • Connect with the right audience at the right time at scale:We can identify the consumer group to whom your products will appeal and then leverage Xaxis technology and insights to help build a much larger consumer base.
  • Target your content creation:the research contains detailed information on which types of content each segment responds to and which devices they consume it on.
  • Refine your customer journey:get detailed insight into each segment’s behaviour at every stage of the customer journey, what influences its decisions, and how to best to maximise engagement.
Why did we do this research now?

The Xaxis I&A teamed worked with our planners to identify the markets in which our AI and data-led approach could make the biggest positive impact for agencies and advertisers. The travel industry was one of the areas we identified as having the largest potential.
The decline in the significance of retail as a route-to-market has pushed the industry to search for new models. The ability to purchase online has brought great opportunities, such as allowing brands to identify and reach the right audience for their product as well as effectively measure and attribute the campaign outcomes.  However, it also brings challenges such as refining, segmenting and scaling audiences for the maximum efficiency in media buying.
The research Xaxis has done is specifically designed to address such challenges. It gives our clients detailed intelligence needed to find the right audience for their product, from which they can then structure conversations in a way that will maximise the campaign conversion rate.
Email or call the Xaxis team if you would like to book a campaign.

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