The New Age of Programmatic Advertising: India Report 2022

Published on December 15, 2021
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You may still be wondering - What is Programmatic in New Age Media? Why is it relevant? What’s new, what’s not? and is this just a fancy new term or is there some depth to this?  
We collected information based on our years of activity with our clients and partners, researched a LOT about what worked, what WILL work, what we can expect going forward, and how this affects you – the marketer, the customer, the brand owner.  
We explore the nuances, travel through the legalese, explain crucial concepts, and break down everything to simplify it for you. Programmatic has expanded its roots beyond video and display and has enabled channels such as DOOH, gaming, location mapping, targeting etc. on the road to evolution. This report also addresses new edge cutting technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse which are defining the present and promising an elevated future for programmatic media. We address them all and the various concerns that plague and help them along the way. 

To know more about this and more, fill out the form below to read our detailed whitepaper, and welcome to the world of Programmatic.  

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