• Drive Higher ROI

    A food services client sought to raise awareness and site engagement, as well as drive a higher Return on Investment (ROI), so they turned to Xaxis to activate a robust digital campaign.

  • Drive Higher ROI

    This food services client had three specific target demographics for the 13 campaigns, and each ran with a different set of objectives. The goals included raising awareness and engagement on site, brand lift, boosting the video completion rate, increasing ROI, distributing information to new consumers, increasing time spent on site for new users and educating users regarding specific promotions. 

  • Drive Higher ROI

    What set this relationship apart was Xaxis’ commitment to data partnerships. Xaxis narrowed down options to one particular partner in order to report on specific brand lift metrics that the client needed to gauge success of their campaigns. 

  • Approach

    The client’s loyalty program database was crucial to their campaign’s success.

    Xaxis worked with the agency and the client to identify campaign performance by segment, establish the best way to refine such efforts, and expose the deeper insights that would move the business forward.

    Xaxis leveraged 3 key targeting methods to reach the appropriate audiences. The first was modeling of the client’s target – this included interpreting each brief to replicate targeted audiences to replicate client-identified segments. The second was uploading loyalist data to the client’s DLX database. This created a database used for both direct targeting and look-alike targeting. 


  • Positive results for the campaign goals.


    Xaxis delivered a 3.2x rise in post-impression index; a 306% lift in visitation rates with the client’s loyalty database; a 280% lift in use of store locator by the client’s loyalty program; an increased ROI; a 27% click-to-conversion rate (60% better than benchmark).


    Lift in visitation rate
  • Deep data information.


    The client regularly feasted on deep data from the DMP to make their entire digital effort smarter. 47 GRP’s delivered (7 more than goal) a 2x over click-to-conversion benchmark, a 5x higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for exposed versus unexposed consumers and 50% more time spent on site than the original goal.


    GRPs Delivered
  • Optimization through partnerships.


    One method of targeting that Xaxis used involved site cookie-ing, which captured site traffic via a 3rd party partnership, optimization and ultimately encouraged transactions and identified the highest volume users.


    GRPs Delivered