Powerful tools for rich engagement

  • Xaxis Social

    Influence your online connections through Xaxis Social - a robust suite of social-media analysis and insight tools to inspire engagement, while you attract and gain a better understanding of your consumers

  • Xaxis Ad Labs

    Our full-service in-house interactive creative team comprised of creatives, developers, animators, and ad nerds. Xaxis Ad Labs dreams up and builds out amazing first-to-market ad executions for some of the world’s most desirable brands

  • Xaxis Display | Programmatic Display

    Xaxis Display is our trusted solution to delivering your ad inventory to targeted consumers across top-tier publishers so you can reach your campaign goals

  • Xaxis Reach

    Take control of how often your consumers view your ad inventory through accurate frequency capping, saving advertisers ROI and valuable ad impressions

  • Xaxis Response | Dynamic Retargeting

    Highly targeted ad inventory to prospects who have already engaged with your content in a brand safe environment that provides superior targeting and frequency management

  • Xaxis Mobile

    Integrate your ad inventory on tablets and smartphones to capture mobile audiences as they engage with their most used sites and apps

  • Xaxis Sync

    A cutting-edge product facilitating near-simultaneous ad inventory display on two screens upon commercial airing re-engages lost viewers

  • Xaxis Places

    Digital out-of-home ad inventory to reach your audiences on-the-go, with specific filters to control who sees your ads and when they see them

  • Xaxis Audio

    A 100% programmatic way to target your audio ad inventory

  • Xaxis Marketplace

    First-look access to top ad inventory through Xaxis' exclusive partners and the ability to track reach and brand lift by creating Audience Portraits