Xaxis EMEA Runs Its First Hackathon

Published on February 23, 2017
  • 16,000,000 data points crunched
  • 30 Hackers
  • 8 countries
  • 2 winners
  • 1 awesome day…

Yes, it’s the Xaxis EMEA Hackathon!
On Friday 17th Feb, Xaxis EMEA ran its first Hackathon where over 30 hackers across the region spent the day trying to build models to predict conversions for a UK automotive client.  Tasked with analysing log-level data to figure out which users are most likely to convert (brochure downloads), participants were judged on the accuracy of their submissions and asked to demonstrate their learnings via presentations.  With prizes for ‘best presentation’ and ‘most accurate predictions’ up for grabs, the stakes were high and the analysts fought hard crunching over 16,000,000 data points! At the end of the day, Maciej Milewski from Xaxis EMEA HQ took home the winning title of ‘most accurate predictions’ while Jon Nielsen in Denmark won the ‘best presentation.’  It really was a fantastic day with unquantifiable amounts of learning for everyone.  Thank you to everyone who participated with a special mention to Bence Kormarniczky and Minal Mody for making this such a great success.
Looking forward to seeing everyone compete again in April and, of course, hope to see and welcome some new comers who couldn’t make it this time.  Stay tuned for the next call to compete and learn!

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