New Report Highlights Ecommerce Trends Resulting From Pandemic

A new study conducted by media company Xaxis, marketing agency Catalyst, and London Research explores recent shifts in consumer shopping behaviors resulting from the pandemic.  


The ensuing “retail paradigm” showcases a shorter customer journey in which ecommerce is king and all digital media are shoppable. 


Based on a survey of 2,000 consumers in the U.S. -- along with interviews with a range of brands, agencies, and retail platforms -- The Retail Paradigm: The Evolution of Consumer Shopping predicts how many pandemic-era changes are here to stay as brands and platforms adjust their ecommerce, delivery, and retail offerings.


The study shows that pandemic-era ecommerce trends are not likely to shift anytime soon. 


Nearly three-quarters of U.S. consumers (71%) are shopping online more often than they did before the pandemic, the report shows, with over half (54%) of those consumers citing more work-from-home hours. Thus, they are not as likely to stop at a store after work.  


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, half of U.S. consumers (51%) reported that their online purchasing journey begins on ecommerce and retail sites -- a figure that grows to 55% for those over 55 years old.


People ages 55 and up showed the most notable change in attitude to advertising on retail sites. Compared to a previous Xaxis report done in 2021, this age group’s receptiveness has increased 13%, compared to 5% of 18-34 year olds. While 35-54 year olds reported being 4% more resistant to ads on retail sites.


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